Sidetrade: Strong Growth in Recurring SaaS Revenues (+ 16%)

  • Artificial Intelligence , Trading Systems
  • 19.10.2021 05:30 pm

Continued growth in total sales at + 13%

Double-digit growth in SaaS activities, up 16%
Jump in SaaS order intake to + 22%
Almost 60% of international orders

Sidetrade (Euronext Growth: ALBFR.PA ), an Artificial Intelligence platform dedicated to accelerating the income and cash flow of companies, announces for its third quarter of 2021 a growth in SaaS turnover (+ 16%).

Double-digit growth in SaaS activities, up + 16%

(in millions of euros)
CA SaaS Activities6.85.9+ 16%
Turnover8.27.3+ 13%

The 2021 information is unaudited consolidated data.

In line with the first two quarters of fiscal 2021, Sidetrade continues to post double-digit growth momentum for this third quarter, historically the weakest period of the year. Sidetrade achieves a turnover in the third quarter of 2021 of € 8.2 million, up 13% compared to the same period in 2020.

Jump in SaaS order intake to + 22%

In this third quarter, Sidetrade recorded a very strong increase in new SaaS order intake, which will generate additional revenue from annual subscriptions (“Annual Recurring Revenue” or “ARR”) of € 0.95 million compared to € 0, € 78 million in the third quarter of 2020, an increase of 22%. The total value of these new subscription contracts over their initial firm commitment periods (excluding renewal) represents an amount of € 2.42 million (“Total Contract Value” or “ TCV ”)

To these SaaS orders, it is necessary to add 0.63 M € of additional services (implementation, configuration, training, etc.) against 0.38 M € for the third quarter of 2020. In total, all the outlets of orders in the third quarter of 2021 represents a total value of new contracts on an annual basis (“Annual Contract Value”) of € 1.58 million compared to € 1.16 million in Q3 2020 , an increase of 36% .

Almost 60% of international orders

With new signatures recorded in North America such as Bunzl US and Trescal US in Cross-Sell or Expedia and Kal Tire in UpSell, the share of new contracts completed in the United States represents 24% of the total over this quarter , which attests to the promising start of commercial activity already observed in this territory in the second quarter of 2021. Also note the continued international expansion of Sidetrade within prestigious groups such as Veolia (Veolia in Spain, Veolia Water Technologies in United Kingdom) or within the Page Group with the deployment of Sidetrade in the Asia-Pacific region. In total, international SaaS order intake represents more than 58% of the total for this quarter , which demonstrates the enormous growth potential available to Sidetrade for the years to come.

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