[Infographic] The Personalization Power Of AI Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 04.06.2018 10:08 am

With every passing year comes some new innovation that brands are harnessing in order to improve their business and hopefully increase sales. Usually, these innovations are in the tech industry, and this year there has been a huge focus on AI and the many potential benefits it has for a range of businesses.

Brands all over the globe are now using AI in a number of different ways, but fundamentally it is being used to improve brand experience. Although it may seem like a futuristic concept, we are already surrounded by AI.

For example, people may not realize that when their Google maps re-routes them to avoid an accident on their journey, it is a form of AI that is being utilized. There has also been a major surge when it comes to digital assistants, with Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana being great examples of these, although there are a great many other companies that also offer this type of service.

One of the biggest goals for marketers using AI is to make the service they provide more personalized and predictive. One of the most current examples of a company that has already put this technology into action is Netflix, the popular TV hosting service.

It uses AI to provide personalized recommendations to its users based on what they like, rather than just basing suggestions on what they watched previously. More than 80% of the TV shows that people watch on Netflix are actually discovered through this recommendation system.

Sephora is another brand making its service more personalized by using AI. It utilizes a quiz at first to learn more about a customer’s product preferences, and then the company’s chatbot shares product suggestions, current relevant Sephora discounts and similar and relevant content.

Personalized service is just one of the huge range of ways that AI is and will be utilized by brands. Many companies are already using this technology, so other brands should get a move on and catch up before they are left behind.

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