GBT Has Concluded - qTerm GEN III Prototype Large Scale Testing

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 08.09.2021 01:55 pm

Developed a Widget Demonstrating Telemedicine Capabilities

GBT Technologies Inc. ("GBT”, or the “Company”) concluded its large-scale testing for its qTerm GEN III prototype device. Based on the collected data GBT will attempt to finalize the device’s accuracy and features. The company developed a web-based widget to demonstrate telemedicine capabilities. The widget enables viewing a user’s vitals anywhere in the world through a web-based interface. The widget includes analytics, historical data recordation and categorization of abnormal results.

The GEN III release will include a series of enhancements for higher accuracy, consistency, and visual feedback to support broader user’s usages and behaviors. GBT's qTerm, a human vitals intelligent device is targeted to measure human vitals with a touch of a finger. Based on this larger scale testing the company will make the enclosure’s shape changes and code modifications to enhance user’s guidance during the measurement process. This device includes sensors for oxygen (SPO2), heart rate and IR (Infra-Red) type for temperature including a coprocessor chip that provides advanced calibration algorithm to assist users with qTerm’s usage. The device is accompanied by a smartphone app and a new synchronized widget web application to keep a history and provide health analytics. The widget reads the device’s data and presenting it on a graph to show vitals history and abnormalities.

In further development phases the data will be fed into an AI engine that will monitor the user’s health status. qTerm’s widget is a demonstration of a real time telemedicine application, enabling remote vitals observation anywhere; anytime. qTerm’s GEN III device modifications should be implemented during the next few months to finalize the device.

"GEN III version improvements will significantly increase the device’s overall performance, accuracy, and consistency and with its accompanied web application widget, it can offer a real time medical information observation in remote places or simply from home. Our Artificial Intelligence technology is aimed to process the widget data and provide a 24/7 medical monitoring in a later stage. The web widget will be soon available on qTerm’s web site at As a courtesy for the public, we will provide a demo device data for demonstration purposes. During the next few months we plan to conclude the qTerm device and approach potential domain for its commercialization. We believe that this type of technology can become an essential health monitoring assistant at any time and place, keeping our lives healthier and safer.” Said Danny Rittman, the Company’s CTO.

There is no guarantee that the Company will be successful in researching, developing or implementing this qTerm into the market. In order to successfully implement this concept, the Company will need to raise adequate capital to support its research and, if successfully researched, developed and granted regulatory approval if at all, the Company would need to enter into a strategic relationship with a third party that has experience in manufacturing, selling and distributing this product. There is no guarantee that the Company will be successful in any or all of these critical steps.

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