Feedzai Launches AI in Case Manager, Powered by Next Generation AI Capabilities

  • Artificial Intelligence , Data
  • 24.09.2019 10:47 pm

Feedzai has announced the availability of AI-powered Case Manager, a major upgrade that revolutionizes the way analysts and investigators review cases and alerts. By bringing the power of AI into Case Manager, Feedzai boosts the efficiency of financial crime prevention, while simultaneously improving the accuracy of detection.

With the rapid evolution of regulatory requirements, the introduction of new, real-time payment methods and digital transformation changing how businesses and consumers interact, an overhaul of the Case Manager -- the industry’s standard tool that analysts and investigators use to manage transaction alert queues -- has been long overdue. Feedzai’s AI-powered Case Manager eliminates manual piecing of information and data matching processes that inhibit prevention of increasingly sophisticated financial crime, and drastically improves detection by making relevant contextual data easily accessible, enabling analysts and investigators to make well-informed decisions while fulfilling all SLAs.

Feedzai’s Next Generation of Whitebox Explanations™ Unlocks the Power of AI Explainability for Analysts and Investigators

Feedzai further expanded its innovative Whitebox Explanations™ to provide transparency and insight into the risk model’s decision regardless of whether it was built inside the Feedzai platform or imported. This will enable financial institutions and
merchants to understand and leverage the most suitable algorithms for their business, while still providing context essential to ensure compliant decision-making.

Advanced Data Visualization and Automation with Feedzai Genome in Case Manager

● Feedzai Genome, a powerful AI-based link analysis tool, which was first introduced in 2018 on a stand-alone basis is now integrated into Feedzai Case Manager. With Feedzai Genome, analysts and investigators gain deeper insights by seeing hidden linkages between various entities in a transaction, such as IP, Card Token, and Device ID. Now, when analysts and investigators review transactions in their queue, Genome empowers them to reach the right decision faster.
● Feedzai Genome also automatically recognizes suspicious visual patterns using Genometries TM and flags them as mule accounts, triangle schemes, structuring or other financial crime typologies, which drastically improves analysts’ detection capabilities.
● Additionally, with Feedzai’s research in new techniques such as Active Learning, AI in Case Manager can intelligently distribute the workload automatically among analysts according to their skills and expertise speeding up the review process and ensuring
accuracy. The predictive capabilities of Active Learning also help analysts with training models for new and unseen attacks

Putting All the Necessary Data at Analysts’ Fingertips with Omnichannel Case Manager

● To bring the full power of AI to Case Manager, Feedzai broke down the data silos within Case Managers, giving analysts simpler access to data through a unified interface that incorporates transactions from all payment channels, use-cases and product lines. This omnichannel structure of Feedzai Case Manager empowers analysts to work smarter and make better-informed decisions when detecting financial crime.
● Data from multiple channels now also fuels Feedzai Genome, enabling the visualization and detection of new and richer Genometries TM which in turn helps analysts to better assess risk and uncover financial crime that would have been obfuscated by channel
and uses-case silos.

Feedzai clients can contact their designated account managers to learn how to take advantage of the newly launched AI in Case Manager capabilities.


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