ARQA Technologies improves functionality of its QUIK Trading Interface to LSE

  • 20.03.2013 00:00 am

 Software developers from ARQA Technologies added new functions into its current version of LSE interface offering direct access from QUIK platform.

QUIK users can now receive Level II quotes (20 x 20) from LSE as well as information about instruments and trading modes through Reference Data service.

The updated functionality of the interface allows users to register and cancel OTC transactions, employ exchange-enabled functions to cancel orders and use the new order types.

LSE trading interface was developed by ARQA Technologies and certified by LSE in January, 2013 as part of its QUIK platform configuration to offer access to trading on London Stock Exchange.

The interface is built around the FIX protocol – for receiving market data it uses the FIX Fast protocol and for order routing it uses the FIX London Stock Exchange protocol.

As the interface is a part of QUIK platformits operation employsefficient tools of fast pre-trade checks.

Another solution developed earlier by ARQA Technologies - FIX2LSE - provides direct access to trading on London Stock Exchange for external software platforms bypassing the QUIK server (sponsored access).

Based on the Exchange’s API, the FIX2LSE interface is the fastest in the product range of similar solutions (FIX2Markets) by ARQA Technologies. This solution provides all potential users with an opportunity to engage various risk management tools of the QUIK complex including pre-trade control.

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