Thought Leadership


Payment infrastructure: a call for fair and equal access to FinTech

Rich Wagner CEO and Founder at APS

Interviewees: Rich Wagner, CEO and Founder of APS (RW) and Tony Craddock, Director... Read more »

Cyber Insurance – This New Necessity

John Wilson CTO at Agari

Cyber insurance is a topic that typically flies under the radar when discussing the economics of cyber... Read more »

Beware of Bank Robbers Hiding in the Shadows of the Web

Kane Hardy VP of EMEA at Hexis Cyber Solutions

UK bankers fear cyber attacks more than a faltering economy or political interference.  These... Read more »

ScramCard offers ubiquitous payment convenience and security

Simon Hewitt. CEO and Founder at ScramCard

Although payment cards sometimes create a little bit of a mess in the purse people really enjoy using... Read more »

Fighting Fire with Fire

David Rawling Global Product Director at Sage X3

Growing businesses in the UK lost nearly £18 billion to fraud, at an average of £3,450 per business last... Read more »

From Risk to Reward – Banks and Regulators Alike Need a New Data Architecture

James Hunt Senior Finance Industry Consultant at Teradata

The torrent of regulations designed to manage risk in the international banking system shows no sight of... Read more »

Powerful New Ways To Stop Banking Fraud In Its Tracks

Emil Eifrem co-founder and CEO at Neo Technology

Banks and insurance companies lose billions every year to fraud. The surprising magnitude of these... Read more »

First Data Brings New Product Conception and Design Into Digital Banking

Keith Rowling Managing Director UK & Ireland at First Data Corporation

  Digitalization is changing the banking experience, the way we perceive the environment and... Read more »

Generation Mainframe X

Chris O’Malley CEO at Compuware

Consumer behaviours have been completely revolutionised by the march of technology and the banking... Read more »

MiFID II – what could a delay mean for the market?

Jeremy Taylor Head of Business Consulting at GFT Group

Jeremy Taylor, Head of Business Consulting, and John Downing, Enterprise Business Architect, GFT... Read more »


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