Thought Leadership


At the Intersection of Financial Data and Intuitive Design

Andrew Lewis Executive Vice President at InvestCloud

The role of aesthetics and design in financial technology has long been underestimated. While most... Read more »

From Safety to Profit Tool: Collateral Optimization

Judson Baker Senior Vice President and Product Manager of Derivatives at Northern Trust

The past year and a half has seen collateral management evolve from a back-office concern, to a middle... Read more »

Bringing Content To Life Within Business Workflow

Steve Goldstein CEO at Alacra

The explosion of data, whether social media, transaction data, mobile or other types of unstructured... Read more »

Payment infrastructure: a call for fair and equal access to FinTech

Rich Wagner CEO and Founder at APS

Interviewees: Rich Wagner, CEO and Founder of APS (RW) and Tony Craddock, Director... Read more »

Cyber Insurance – This New Necessity

John Wilson CTO at Agari

Cyber insurance is a topic that typically flies under the radar when discussing the economics of cyber... Read more »

Beware of Bank Robbers Hiding in the Shadows of the Web

Kane Hardy VP of EMEA at Hexis Cyber Solutions

UK bankers fear cyber attacks more than a faltering economy or political interference.  These... Read more »

ScramCard offers ubiquitous payment convenience and security

Simon Hewitt. CEO and Founder at ScramCard

Although payment cards sometimes create a little bit of a mess in the purse people really enjoy using... Read more »

Fighting Fire with Fire

David Rawling Global Product Director at Sage X3

Growing businesses in the UK lost nearly £18 billion to fraud, at an average of £3,450 per business last... Read more »

From Risk to Reward – Banks and Regulators Alike Need a New Data Architecture

James Hunt Senior Finance Industry Consultant at Teradata

The torrent of regulations designed to manage risk in the international banking system shows no sight of... Read more »

Powerful New Ways To Stop Banking Fraud In Its Tracks

Emil Eifrem co-founder and CEO at Neo Technology

Banks and insurance companies lose billions every year to fraud. The surprising magnitude of these... Read more »


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