Collegia: Pensions Tech for Everyone

  • 12.07.2022 -- 01:05 pm

Eduardo Chazan is Founder and CEO of Collegia, the first pension provider in the UK to be authorised by the FCA to offer a pension that is both a personal and Auto Enrolment pension scheme.

He started his career as an analyst and interest rate trader in Brazil’s and Latin America’s largest investment bank. In 2015 Eduardo was invited to become the CFO of HomeRefill, an online supermarket that was both affordable and offered lower carbon footprint and reduced waste and by the end of 2016 was the top-5 app in Brazil’s Apple Store.

With an ambition to further his knowledge and extend experience to date, Eduardo decided to study an MBA at the University of Oxford. His time at Oxford coincided with the protests over the university pension schemes, and this was the eureka moment; the genesis of Collegia, designed from the ground up to be a pension provider and technology platform that’s fit for purpose for today’s employers and employees. 


Riccardo Gasparini is Founder and COO at Collegia.

In 2017, after managing complex projects for multinational FMCG companies across Europe and North Africa, he decided to take progress my career and personal ambitions by studying an MBA at the University of Oxford.

It was at Oxford that Riccardo was able to further his passion in looking at the issues surrounding pensions and retirement. Specifically, he was appalled at the paucity of technology used to access, understand, and value environmental benefits in a pension.

He cofounded Collegia to address these issues. In a very short time, we have achieved significant regulatory change and our mission is gathering strength – to allow all employees, whatever their status, to access a single pension and related benefits.

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