XVIII: "Semper Fideles:" The Platform

  • William Laraque, Managing Director at US-International Trade Services

  • 23.07.2015 01:00 am
  • undisclosed
The solution to the achievement of success in investing so as to foster economic development and job creation is a platform. The platform facilitates the interaction of enterprise critical participants and supporting service providers in completing a trade transaction. One purpose of the platform is to benefit the importer and exporter in the process of application for, presentation of, financing and effecting a trade settlement. The second purpose of the platform is to provide investors with a high degree of return on investment (ROI). By contributing to the capital reserves of a credit union with donations, the investor participates in the higher ROI of export and import enterprises. By investing in a credit union, the investor may obtain a tax credit by contributing to the welfare of his/her employees. When a business joins a credit union, all of its employees become part of the field of membership of the credit union and as such, these employees become eligible for business loans, personal loans, car loans and car insurance. Credit unions are able to obtain the export working capital guarantees of the SBA. The most important benefit to the investor in addition to the ROI associated with the higher returns of enterprises engaged in international trade is related to information. The investor becomes aware of the success of firms which the credit union lends to. The investor effectively has an inside track on knowing about the business success of enterprises in which he/she can then invest.
The investor's objective to increase the ROI of his/her investment is thereby accomplished. 

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