How to Choose a VPN for Digital Privacy & Security

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  • 17.09.2020 11:15 am
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In a world where almost everything is connected, and where hackers and other malicious people are roaming the internet, it is always advisable that you take every precaution that you can to enhance your data security and privacy protections. Using a VPN is one of the simplest, most affordable, and convenient ways to do this. This is because these networks afford their users access to world-class security protections without the hassle, costs, and inconveniences that other security measures would have otherwise caused.

However, since VPNs are provided by different companies, they do not provide the same level of protection. Some services are great at protecting your data and privacy, while others are not as great. The following are tips that will come in handy in helping you to choose the best VPN for digital security and privacy

Number of servers and server distribution

If a VPN service uses more servers, it has a better ability to mask your computer's location and address. This is because it has more spoofing options and it can make it harder for anyone to track you. Having these servers distributed in as many locations as possible is also something that enhances a service's ability to protect you and is thus something that you should definitely consider.

For example, ExpressVPN boasts of having about 3000 servers that are spread out in 160 locations. When you compare this to the 1,700 servers that Surfshark offers, it is easy to see why opting for ExpressVPN might be a prudent option especially if what you are mainly concerned with is your privacy.

Connection speeds

You can only benefit from the security and anonymity that VPNs provide if you use them consistently. Using your VPN at all times is something that will be harder for you to do if you end up with a VPN that does not offer fast connections. This is so because the VPN will start to seem like a drag, and this will be enough for you to be tempted to access the internet without having the necessary protections that they offer.

Choosing a VPN that offers the best speeds is recommended simply because it will make for seamless connections. Fast VPNs can work effectively without you even noticing that they are actively working to ensure that your connections are safe. Therefore, it is easy to keep on using them, something that will ensure that you are constantly protected.

Number of simultaneous connections

Hackers tend to exploit the narrowest gap that they can find in a system. As a result, if you have a VPN activated on your laptop, but not on your phone, all your data will be likely vulnerable to a determined hacker. The trick to ensuring that you have the best security and absolute digital privacy is to use a VPN on all your devices.

The good news is that with the best VPNs in the market, this is something that is easy to do simply because they allow for multiple simultaneous connections. They allow you to connect multiple devices without charging you an extra amount. As a result, they make it easy to keep the extra security blanket, that VPNs provide, security blanket active at all times.

Therefore, when you are shopping around for a VPN, always look at the number of simultaneous connections that the VPN service provides. Generally, 5 or 6 connections are adequate for most people. If you have more devices, going for a VPN like Surfshark may be advisable since, with this service, you will be able to use an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.

Security history

Since most of the popular VPN services have been around for a while, they have a rich history. Digging into their history and the overall company structure will give you a clue as to how safe and secure your data and privacy will be when using these services. Paying attention to any security upgrades they have made in the past and the new features that they make available can be a good indicator of the organization's culture and how seriously they take security and data privacy.

For example, Nord, a popular VPN provider suffered a data breach in 2018. This is something that you may want to keep in mind when deciding whether to opt for their VPN services. However, the fact that they have carried out multiple independent audits and have implemented various security upgrades may make more forgiving especially when you take into account the other features that they offer.

Generally, the level of encryption and the availability of advanced features like having a kill switch matter. However, for most users, the level of protection that a typical VPN service provides is enough -- you can learn more by opting to check Reddit website and find out more about VPN.

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