Update on Our Gender Equity Practices

Michael Fraccaro

Chief Human Resource Officer at Mastercard

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Update on Our Gender Equity Practices

13.02.2018 06:30 am

I recently wrote about the importance of having a foundation of decency. To us, this is more than an abstract idea or clever sound bite.  It’s a statement of our core belief that the path to achieving success in both business and societal goals is delivering an environment where the best people choose to be.

As a company, we spend a lot of time reinforcing the value and the importance of decency – in the way we conduct our business, the way we interact with each other and the way we approach our role and our value in society. In particular, we want all of our employees to feel valued and respected, and empowered to reach their greatest potential. When you elevate inclusiveness above all else, you create an environment where the best people thrive.

Last year, as part of our commitment to these beliefs, we started to publish certain workforce demographics to measure our progress toward becoming a more diverse and inclusive company.

Today, we provided an update in the latest edition of our gender equity report posted on Mastercard.com. This report provides, among other things, an update on how we’re delivering on the principle of equal pay for equal performance.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion are unrelenting. We will continue to measure ourselves and to seek out the best practices to gauge our progress. We believe it is critical that we take the right actions at the right time and on a consistent basis.

We hope you’ll review this year’s report. Continue to check this site for further updates on how we’re delivering on our decency initiatives.

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