Top Russian Banks Hit by Cyber Attack - comment

  • John Madelin, CEO at RelianceACSN

  • 11.11.2016 12:45 pm
  • undisclosed

The issue here is that manufacturers continue to make devices without paying attention to security, and consumers haven’t yet realised that basic password hygiene is incredibly important in a connected age. There should be a zero-tolerance mentality for simple security errors like these. The botnets we have seen in recent high-profile attacks were and are still publicly available, so until we take collective action on this issue attacks like this will continue to occur.

We don’t know the motivation behind this attack, but banks are usually targeted because of the value of the data and cash they contain. They must be especially vigilant when protecting their critical data and ensure they have round-the-clock, real-time coverage. Financial services organisations, especially, should be sharing security information. As long as attackers can get into one bank they will keep trying to get into others.

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