Banxe on Shoppers Demanding Greater Frictionless Payment Methods

  • Anthony DiMarsico, CEO at Banxe

  • 26.04.2022 02:30 pm
  • #payments #cryptocurrencies

“This is further evidence that the world of payments is changing – no longer are traditional payment methods sufficing for consumers who have become technology natives, and want more choice and freedom when it comes to how they pay for their products. The future of payments lies in the merging of cryptocurrencies and cash, providing people with different currencies to complete financial transactions, but this would of course require retailers to innovate technologies to allow for that to happen smoothly.

“The future of cryptocurrencies is changing. Governments, including the UK Government, are investing in digital currencies and some can be seen on stock markets now. It is a world that is forever becoming more trusted and more mainstream. Consequently, we will soon see a world where digital currencies are intertwined with traditional payment methods. As we move into a more digital financial environment, cryptocurrencies will become a key part of everyday life, providing a far more immersive and digitised shopping experience.”


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