How To Earn Crypto Without Investing?

  • Kamran Barlow, at Content Writer

  • 28.11.2022 05:45 pm
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3 Best Micro Task Apps


Are you interested in crypto but hesitating to get started? After all, cryptocurrencies can indeed be risky, with their values going up and down all the time. What’s more, usually you need to put your own money down. But what if there was a way to earn cryptocurrency without spending any of your cash whatsoever?


If you haven’t heard, some apps allow you to earn cryptocurrency, which can be later exchanged into dollars, gift cards, or other rewards. The best thing about them? They take absolutely no risk! All that is needed is a bit of your time and effort to start earning. Let’s check three apps to see how useful they are.


JumpTask: Earn Crypto For Micro Tasks


The first app is JumpTask, a marketplace that pays people to perform small tasks. The project was launched only in 2022, but the platform already has 1.65 million users globally. Moreover, the app currently has five ways to earn its own cryptocurrency – JumpToken (JMPT).


On JumpTask, people can play games, take surveys, and do other tasks to earn crypto. Notably, JumpTask also has a passive earning opportunity from its partner Honeygain. That’s right: you can share your internet traffic to earn JumpTokens without any effort.


How much can you earn? While you certainly won’t make millions, earning $50, or even $100 per month, is possible. It also comes down to how many tasks you do each day. The good news is that JumpTask often does promotions and contests. With these, it’s possible to boost your earnings.


If you decide to try it, the login process is straightforward. You can use your existing crypto wallet to sign up or use social logins to create one. The choice is yours! Try earning crypto without risking your own money and see how it goes.


Sweatcoin: A Move-to-Earn App


Another app, Sweatcoin, enables you to walk and earn crypto. Did you know that it’s recommended to take at least 10,000 steps per day? The task indeed becomes more exciting when you collect cryptocurrency for each step!


How does it work? All you have to do is download the app, keep it running, and collect sweatcoins. You can later exchange these for services of Sweatcoin’s partners, such as Headspace, and Audible, among many others.


The app is used by millions of people, which gives Sweatcoin credibility. Again, just like with JumpTask, you will not get rich by simply walking. However, that shouldn’t stop you from trying out this app. After all, we all walk everyday! People who are constantly walking in their jobs, such as baristas or travel guides, will benefit from this app immensely.


Overall, Sweatcoin is an app that allows you to earn crypto without any investment. Additionally, the only thing you need to do to earn is walking – that’s it! If you want a passive way to earn a little bit of money on the side, you might have just found it.


Freecash: Free Bitcoin For Micro Tasks


There is another app that allows you to earn Bitcoin almost effortlessly. How? With Freecash, you complete various tasks and get paid in cryptocurrency. While this will require a bit of your time, there is nothing to lose here: you don’t have to purchase cryptocurrencies and worry about their prices going up or down.


What can you do on Freecash? The app offers multiple ways to earn crypto. For example, you could be testing new apps or websites. Other tasks include taking online surveys, signing up for bank accounts, and many more.


Let’s face the most important question – how much money can you make? According to the app’s website, earning $100 per month, or even more, is a possibility. Again, similar to the JumpTask case discussed earlier, it all depends on how many tasks you are determined to complete.


When you try Freecash, you will see that there are a few options for you to get paid. You can cash out via Bitcoin, PayPal, or gift cards from famous retailers such as Amazon, Netflix, and others. Ready to try? Have a go at small tasks on Freecash to earn cryptocurrency.


Earning Crypto With No Risk


Investing in cryptocurrencies carries some risk: you might lose part or all of your investment. However, it’s unnecessary to risk money to start with cryptocurrencies. Apps such as JumpTask or Sweatcoin even have passive ways to earn crypto. Are you at least a bit interested in crypto but don’t want to take too much risk? Check out these micro task apps to see if they can help you to get started and earn!


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