Future Shout Out !!

  • Chris Princip , CEO at FinFuture

  • 14.06.2017 08:30 am
  • undisclosed , Chris Principe has worked in International Trade as an exporter, importer and solutions provider for over 25 years. He is a consultant experienced with the sales, development and delivery of products...

I wake up every morning thinking about what innovation, idea's, enhancements, additions, changes, etc. I can offer that will push the future of finance another step forward. I believe many of you have similar thoughts and have a creative need to be part of this changing landscape as well as to be ahead of the curve. I also believe, that even more of you have unrealized potential for innovation and just need a comfortable place to have your voice heard.

This made me think one evening over a small glass of single malt whiskey, that based on group thought your participation is needed. The past we cannot change as that history is already written, the present to quickly goes from thought to action to history, but the FUTURE that is another story. It is the story of all of us. As the future has not been written every one of us in their own way can take part and have an active role in writing that story. What our global community needs to do is to capture that essence and distil it into a usable stream that will add education and direct the discussions of our financial future to benefit the financial world.

This will take the suddenness of Twitter with the community interaction of Facebook. Every subject and topic is open for discussion and comment as finance is the sweeping underbelly of living our lives. If you want to talk about the factory of the future, sure. If you what to talk about living to 150 years old, please. If Virtual Currencies interest you, then by all means, Robotics or Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality, welcome. Talk the Internet of Things and yes, we want to listen and you want to be heard. If you want to talk technology, great, Blockchain, DLT, Bots, etc. then tell us! Finance underpins every one of these seemingly unrelated topics.

Call to Action!!

I want to encourage the best and most forward-thinking writers and companies to contribute to this global discussion in any way that is comfortable to you. This will give food for thought and context for the opportunities the future is making possible. This is an offer of community participation that you cannot refuse. With that said let’s all jump into our self-driving cars and blaze down those smart highway's heading together into our financial future.


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