Are You New to IT? Here’s Why You Need to Pass Microsoft 98-365 Exam Using Practice Tests

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With Microsoft’s cutting-edge technologies, IT is now becoming more attractive to many individuals, also to the ones being new to the field. The data processing sphere is proving to be a prestigious area where many professionals are rushing to ensure a tasty piece of cake. If you’re a beginner and also wonder how to benefit from this lucrative field, it’s important you pay attention to this post.

Hence, Microsoft proposes this entry-level certification designed just for you. All you need to do is pass one exam selected from a pool of its brothers. This article talks about the Microsoft 98-365 test which is one of Microosft MTA 98-365 Exam Dumps Questions assessments leading to the MTA: Certification.

Important Exam 98-365 Details

Now, the exam is clearly for those who wish to understand fundamentals of Windows Server administration. Remember that MTA credential can’t be a pre-requirement for the higher-grade Microsoft certifications like MCSA, MCSE, or MCSD. Rather, it stands for an IT preparatory stage.

The exam tests your understanding of and capacities to carry out basic tasks related to the following technical areas:

  • Server installation
  • Server roles
  • Active Directory
  • Understanding of storage
  • Management of server performance
  • Server maintenance

Going deeper, the Microsoft 98-365 test consists of 57 questions, and you’ll have 50 minutes to answer them. The formats of the items differ and can include best answer, active screen, multiple choice, case studies, drag-and-drop, review screen, fill-in-the-blank, short answer, and more. The maximum number of points for all the questions is 1000 and you need to obtain at least 700 out of them to achieve the passing score. Finally, the test will cost you $127 to take.

Why Do You Need to Pass Exam 98-365?

Well, the test is helpful for those getting into IT for the first time to check whether IT sphere suits them or not. So, if you’ve been wondering whether the exam is for you, then you need not wonder anymore but attempt it with courage and confidence. Here are the reasons why you need to pass exam 98-365.

  1. Assists in Earning Globally Recognized Certification

This step of seeking entry-level IT knowledge ensures you will have a respected credential after passing the test. It is well-known that Microsoft certifications demonstrate their holders’ rare skills worth paying attention to. That also means that these credentials are prestigious and highly regarded all over the world, and earning one shows that you’re on top of your game.

  1. Demonstrates Your Mastery of Required Skills

Moving further, exam 98-365 tests your fundamental skills in administering Windows Server. By passing the test, you’ll have proven your ability to perform the tasks related to the capacities above. Indeed, such expertise is in big demand by employers or specialists planning to advance to higher certifications as it will help you easily learn what’s required by the advanced badges.

  1. Helps You Understand if IT Is for You

Since 98-365 is an entry-level test, it helps you know if you’re really cut out for IT. You’ll be able to know if a career in technology is something you’d like to pursue. This will make it easy for you to change the direction easily once you pass it and reveal that you may not be interested in this specialty.

  1. Prepares You for Upper-Level Microsoft’s Certifications

When you possess proved basic IT skills, you’ll find it easier to navigate through advanced credentials, unlike when you have nothing to ground on. Fundamental expertise gained through passing exam 98-365 will help you easily understand topics and concepts if you proceed to, say, an MCSA or MCSE-grade exams. Thus, this analysed test forms an important basis for every successful technology expert’s career.

  1. You Become Attractive to Employers and Get Paid More

Employers prefer to hire professionals with core IT skills even if they’re planning to fill a non-IT based position. Definitely, technology has become a critical aspect of every business. Whether you’re in the services, finance, or production field, pursuing basic IT capacities andknowledge makes you more attractive and employable. This means the exam isn’t just for future professionals planning to focus on IT careers.

Lastly, the MTA credential lets you get a job that pays you well. So, positions to get include field service technician, technology analyst, or IT technician. It also lays the foundation for entry-level jobs like database administrator, mobile app developer, website developer, and network architect. You will see afterwards that MTA certified professionals earn an average of $55,000 annually, as per

How to Pass Exam 98-365 with Practice Tests?

Drawing a line, training for your upcoming exam helps you focus on its topics and concepts. By using practice tests from ExamSnap, for instance, you’ll be in a better position to know which areas the exam is likely to test, the structure of the assessment, and how to answer all the questions. The more you train with practice tests within 98-365 Premium Bundle which is a 2-in-1 learning set, the more you master the content of your Microsoft exam. You’ll be perfecting on the content as you practice more.

Remember, training and getting feedback on your performance requires reliable practice tests that will put you in the right frame of mind for the exam. Thereby, the ExamSnap website has such premium tests that have gone through verification by experts in Windows Server Administration Fundamentals. You’ll be able to use them with confidence as they give you the exact content you need for your MTA exam.

Apart from using ExamSnap practice tests, you can also watch their available video lectures in the training course for 98-365 test. Otherwise, opt for benefitting from free exam dumps that have been uploaded by the recent exam takers, and since they are the most actual and updated, they are worth using. Open both free and premium files on the VCE Software simulating the exam setting!

Bottom Line

The Microsoft exam 98-365 is important in helping you gauge your readiness for the next level of your career in IT. By taking and passing the exam with practice tests, you are getting prepared to pursue more advanced certifications. And since technology is an ever-dynamic world, you’ll be able to easily adapt to any changes with this MTA badge.

If you’re to move forward in your career, it’s advisable to first pursue fundamental skills in readiness for what lies ahead.

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