No One Waits for US

  • William Laraque, Managing Director at US-International Trade Services

  • 03.05.2016 01:45 pm
  • e-commerce
Unlike the Billy Joel song from his album "The Stranger," which has the song "Vienna" and the line "Vienna waits for you," in the US, we are not as fortunate when it comes to global trade. Berlin doesn't wait for US!
KfW IPEX-Bank enjoys its most successful year
TXF reports that German export and project finance bank KfW IPEX-Bank enjoyed its most successful year ever in 2015, with new commitments of €20.2 billion, compared to €16 billion the prior year. By contrast, US Ex-Im was closed for 5 months and is still not fully authorized.
To quote from a recent editorial, "When did Americans decide that 1% or 2% economic growth is acceptable, that puny wage increases are inevitable, and that we should all merely shrug and get used to the country’s diminished expectations? Those questions come to mind watching the desultory reactions to (last) Thursday’s report that the U.S. economy grew by a meager 0.5% in the first quarter of 2016."

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