Comment from IMImobile - Google’s launch of Verified SMS for Messages

Comment from IMImobile - Google’s launch of Verified SMS for Messages

Sudarshan Dharmapuri

EVP products at IMImobile

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Comment from IMImobile - Google’s launch of Verified SMS for Messages

18.12.2019 11:30 am

An absence of verification and branding has been one of the main limitations of SMS, so it is great to see Google setting out to restore trust, improve experience and allow companies to measure success.

This development will prove particularly beneficial to the financial services sector, as ‘click this link to unblock your bank card’-style messages are one of the most common types of SMS-based scams that fraudsters try. When people fall victim to this kind of scam, trust in banks will be eroded through no fault of their own; this verification can cut off the problem at source, as people will know straight away whether the message is really from their bank or not.


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