4 things to consider when expanding your home business in L.A

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  • 16.01.2020 01:45 pm
  • business loans in Los Angeles

Running a home business has many merits. The days of leaving the house at stupid o’ clock in a bid to avoid the busy Los Angeles rush hour traffic are a thing of the past. You are your own boss and can pretty much do as you please. If you are considering branching out then things are presumably going well. Your business is running efficiently and you perhaps want to take it to the next level. Here are 4 things to think about when considering an expansion of your home business in L.A.

Will your home be big enough?

If you are expanding then you may need to take on more staff to help you. If your business involves housing stock then increasing your inventory will mean more storage is required. Be realistic about how much space you need. Will your home be big enough for your vision? Renting premises in Los Angeles can be costly so do your research first. It may be more realistic and cheaper to consider extending your home. Think carefully and don't rush your decision.

Will you require additional funding?

If you are in the position where your business can’t keep up with demand, then it makes financial sense to expand. In the first instance, however, you may need to spend to reap the benefits. Most of us don't have huge piles of cash lying around so you may need to borrow in the first instance. Regardless of whether you perhaps need additional stock or maybe extra equipment, a small business loan will allow you to borrow money over a period, giving you the means to expand fairly quickly. Speak to a finance specialist who can arrange business loans in Los Angeles and you will be well on your way to the next rung of the business ladder.

Will you require additional staff?

Expansion can result in the need to recruit employees. If you are used to working on your own, taking on staff can be a learning curve. You need to do your homework and establish what your legal obligations as an employer are. If you already have people working for you, it’s important that whoever you bring in gels with your existing team so, where necessary, get them involved. Working in a fairly small space from someone else’s home can cause issues itself. If you add someone that your existing team doesn’t take to, it could prove counter-productive.

Marketing and advertising

If you are going to grow then you may need to throw a lot more cash into marketing and advertising that you perhaps do at the moment. Test various campaigns and make sure you fully analyze the results. Did your sales increase following an ad placed on social media? Did advertising locally bring greater rewards? Do your homework, review your data and if something is working, do it again. Before you know it your dream of expanding your business will be a successful reality.  

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