Vanishing ATMs Leaves People Vulnerable - Fujitsu comment

  • Ian Bradbury, CTO of Financial Services at Fujitsu UK

  • 12.02.2019 11:30 am
  • ATM , payments , Cashless

Even as we move towards a cashless society, ATMs still play an important role in the financial life of Brits across the country, and reduced access might have unpredictable consequences for consumers as well as a number of industries. Businesses and banks must be mindful of those who still rely on cash, and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Maintaining an ATM estate can be challenging, with cash replenishment and machine maintenance involving high recurring costs. However, there are other ways to lower these costs; investing in technology can help create power and energy savings and better install and maintenance processes. At Fujitsu, we’re looking at how we can use AI and advanced computing techniques to optimise cash management, a development which could reduce the cost of cash handling and create a more efficient ATM network.

Ultimately, this is a complex issue involving numerous important stakeholders – banks, retailers, consumers, and ATM businesses. It’s tough to get it right, and requires a considered approach which takes into account those parties’ needs now and the trends that will determine their needs in the future.


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