3 ways technology can help teach life skills to children

  • Pete McAllister , SEO Specialist at Habito

  • 07.01.2020 10:45 am
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Children are fairly clued up when it comes to certain technology. A pre-teen can master a new computer game within minutes and a six-year-old can work an iPad within minutes. Technology is the future so using it to help teach life skills to children seems like a great combination. It will never replace being taught by a parent or mentor, but it does have its uses. Here are 3 ways technology can help teach life skills to children.

Being more health-conscious

Teaching children about health and taking care of themselves is something we do from a very young age. Various technologies can make this more fun. For younger kids who are not particularly enthralled about cleaning their teeth, there are toothbrush timer apps available. They play music or show animations whilst the children are brushing. It can make it more fun for the kids and gets the task accomplished.

Many schools throughout the UK have implemented a daily mile programme to get kids exercising a bit more. Each child walks or runs a mile a day around the school playground. Exercise is essential for a child’s development but some are less keen to partake than others. Step trackers are available for kids of all ages and can make exercise a bit more interactive. Children can set goals on how many steps they will achieve in a day and the whole family can get involved.

Teaching better financially awareness

Making children financially aware will allow them to reap the benefits in later life. If a child has no idea about bills, mortgages or savings they may struggle when they decide to go it alone.

Go Henry is a pocket money app designed to help children understand and be better with money. You transfer money from your account and children are provided with a debit card. Weekly spend limits can be set by you so you have full control. You can even set it to pay children once certain tasks have been completed. This not only teaches children about digital banking but also encourages responsibility and accountability.

Teaching children how mortgages work is another great idea to set them up for the future. It allows them to understand lending processes and appreciate that a home needs to be paid for. They will also develop a clearer picture of the responsibilities that you have to ensure that bills are paid timeously. Using online mortgage calculators will allow you to explain how mortgage repayments are calculated based on borrowing levels.

Learning how to cook

Whilst smaller children adore spending time with mum or dad baking cookies, older children might prefer to do things themselves. Many teenagers leave home without the slightest clue as to how to boil an egg. There are many apps and videos online which teach children different methods of cooking and provide step by step written and visual aids. Letting your teens make dinner once in a while is something you can all benefit from!

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