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Product/Service Description

Jabatix is a comprehensive, component-based software development and software production environment for batch applications on application servers based on standard technologies. The Jabatix Community Edition is an all-in-one Eclipse-based Interactive Development Environment. It is a comprehensive workbench for developing information management and reporting solutions.

The key enabling tools and features are:

• Encapsulated access to a wide variety of data sources, from flat files (.csv), to Excel spreadsheets, to relational databases; specific queries can even be directly integrated with the logical data source binding

• Business Objects (BOs): object-based containers that serve to integrate data sources, apply the required functionality (format consistency, data cleansing, aggregation, calculations), to produce and visualize results quickly

• With the Jabatix Cantor scripting language, a Groovy DSL (Domain-Specific Language), with an easy-to-use, pointerless, Microsoft Visual Basic-like syntax, customization scripts can be quickly and efficiently programmed and deployed, even by junior programmers and savvy web developers

• Jabatix workbench also supports Groovy scripts and integrating Java classes: this flexibility makes the Jabatix “layer” between data sources and destinations highly efficient and capable of even the most sophisticated processing

• The Jabatix process flow feature provides workflow automation capabilities in real-time, it can also be activated event- or time-section-controlled

• Jabatix supports report generation with the Jabatix's own Datapoint Report Generator or with Eclipse BIRT; other forms of visualization can be generated programmatically

Customer Overview

Total Number of customers >100
Customer Size Individual , Large Enterprise , Medium , SMB
Customer Type Business Consultants , Credit Unions , Central Banks , Commercial Banks , Corporates , CSD/CCP Officials , Custodians , Financial Consultants and Auditors , Fund Managers , FXs , Hedge Fund Administrators , Institutional Investors , Investment Banks , Investment Consultants/Independent Investors , IT Integrators , Mutual Fund Administrators , Prime Brokers & Dealers , Securities Lending & Financing Organizations
Target Market Global
Specific georgaphical coverage N/A
Free of charge. Jabatix Enterprise Edition and Jabatix Partner Edition needs to be purchased.
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  • Cantor Script
  • Process Flow
  • Data Mart Designer
  • Business Objects
  • Business Object Mapping


  • All-in-one Eclipse-based Interactive Development Environment
  • Cantor scripting language (a Groovy DSL) is similar to Visual Basic. Alternatively Groovy and Java classes can be used
  • Free download, no strings attached for independent program development
  • Updates and upgrades available free of charge
  • Faster development of high-quality software
  • Reduction of training costs for software development
  • Easy development of software solutions by staff with little IT knowledge

Platform & Workflow

Server OS AIX (IBM) , FreeBSD (Open Source) , HP-UX (Hewiett-Packard) , IRIX (SGI) , Linux (Red Hat, Mandrake, Debian, SuSe, etc.) , Mac OSX Server (Apple) , Solaris (Sun Microsystems) , UNIX NetWare (Novell) , Windows 10 (Microsoft) , Windows Server 2008 (Microsoft)
Workstation OS Windows , Unix , Linux
Programming Language and API Cantor a Groovy DSL
SetUp and Installation Options undisclosed
Deployment Period undisclosed
Reporting Capabilities

Jabatix supports report generation with the Jabatix's own Datapoint Report Generator or with Eclipse BIRT; other forms of visualization can be generated programmatically

Security Options undisclosed
The product/service compliant with the following regulatory standards undisclosed

Connectivity, Hosting and Intergration

Hosting Option undisclosed
Hosting provider undisclosed
Devices Supported Android , iPhone-iPad , Linux , Mac , Mobile Web App , Web-based
Compatibility with Database Management System (DBMS) undisclosed
Third party integration undisclosed

Support Services

Support Option Online Support , Phone Support , Video Tutorials , Knowledge Base
Use of the Service Desk as a registered user


Support Location 1
Country Luxembourg
Address 1a, op der Ahlkerrech, L-6776 Grevenmacher
Phone +352 402244-1


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