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Cloud IT Infrastructure Services

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United Kingdom
Technology Category: Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Product/Service Description

Verizon’s Infrastructure, Managed Hosting and Application Management Services deliver great connectivity across global networks and data centers allowing customers to effectively provide enterprise applications around the world. Verizon removes the burden of handling complex infrastructures with numerous staff at high cost by providing fast and cost effective resources with proper control and support options. 

Customer Overview

Total Number of customers 1,800+
Customer Size Large Enterprise , Medium , SMB
Customer Type Central Banks , Commercial Banks , Corporates , IT Integrators
Target Market Global
Specific georgaphical coverage undisclosed
Depending on contract type


  • Robust computing performance with storage options
  • Equipment inspection, handling, and cabling services
  • A thorough verification process
  • Robust identity/access management


  • Strong service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Layered security features

Platform & Workflow

Server OS AIX (IBM) , Cent OS , Debian , Fedora , FreeBSD , FreeBSD (Open Source) , Gentoo Linux , Linux (Red Hat, Mandrake, Debian, SuSe, etc.) , Mac OSX Server (Apple) , Oracle Linux , RedHat Linux , Solaris (Sun Microsystems) , SuSE Linux , Ubuntu. , Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server/Datacentre (Microsoft) , Windows Server
Workstation OS Windows , Unix , Linux , Mac
Programming Language and API undisclosed
SetUp and Installation Options undisclosed
Deployment Period Customized deployment based on client's needs and budget. Provider offers installation and staging services to reduce deployment time. On average it takes …
Reporting Capabilities
Security Options DDoS detection and mitigation, intrusion detection system (IDS), application vulnerability assessment, network application assessment. Depending on the type of cloud the user is offered a variety of security options. Access control and authentication can
The product/service compliant with the following regulatory standards ISO 27001 , PCI DSS , SOC 1 and SOC 2

Connectivity, Hosting and Intergration

Hosting Option undisclosed
Hosting provider undisclosed
Devices Supported undisclosed
Compatibility with Database Management System (DBMS) undisclosed
Third party integration undisclosed

Support Services

Support Option Online Support , Phone Support , Video Tutorials , Knowledge Base
End-to-end support around the clock, online training center.


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