OakNorth is a credit science platform that leverages machine learning, decades of credit expertise and massive data sets to model a forward-looking view of a borrower’s financial situation, that’s informed by industry benchmarks, macroeconomic drivers, and scenario analysis specific to that business.

Type: Private
Foundation year: 2015
Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Number of employees: 501-1 000
Founders: Rishi Khosla, Joel Perlman
Website: https://www.oaknorth.co.uk/
Target geographic market:


About Product/Service
Products Personal Savings/Business Savings (Fixed Term Savings, Notice Accounts, Easy Access Accounts); Business Loans (Property Finance, Coronavirus Business Interuption Loan Scheme, Coronavirus Large Business Interuption Loan Scheme)
Core product offerings for individual/retail customersBusiness Loans
PricingPersonal Savings (Fixed Term Savings: 0.43%-0.69% AER/gross, term: between 6 to 60 months; Notice Accounts: 0.40%-0.58% AER/gross (variable), term: 35,90 and 120 days; Easy Access Accounts: 0.20% AER/gross (variable), term: next-day access) / Business Savings (Fixed Term Savings: 0.35%-0.50% AER/gross, term: between 6 to 12 months; Notice Accounts: 0.30%-0.50% AER/gross (variable), term: 35,60, 95 and 120 days; Easy Access Accounts: 0.15% AER/gross (variable), term: next-day access)
The Base Currency£ (GBP)
(a) a personal accountYes
(b) a business accountYes

Key people

Funding rounds

Last Funding Date Feb 8, 2019
Last Funding Amount $440M
Total Funding Amount over $848M


Customer/Products segments Lending, Savings
Banking licenseOakNorth secured a full banking licence from the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in March 2015 and began deposit taking and lending six months later.
Type of customersIndividuals, Businesses
Number of investors 4
Number of lead investors4
Names of lead investorsHurstwood, Signet Hotel Group, Kolte-Patil Developers, Bright Minds Daycare

Tech stack


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