Tinkoff launches charitable scheme ‘Cashback to Give Back’

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  • 05.08.2020 01:55 pm

Tinkoff is happy to announce the launch of its new charitable scheme Cashback to Give Back. The aim of the project is to help get more people donating to worthy causes in Russia. The scheme allows Tinkoff customers to transfer any cashback they receive directly to some of Russia’s biggest charities.


The programme’s main aim is to give those who want to help others a convenient way to make regular donations to reputable Russian charities. Tinkoff customers have the opportunity to make donations of up to RUB 9,000 each month to over 300 of the Group’s partner charities.


Some of Tinkoff’s partner charities include:

  • Gift of Life

  • The Konstantin Khabensky Charitable Foundation

  • Enjoying Old Age

  • The Hospice Charity Fund Vera

  • Lighthouse Charity Foundation

  • Sozidanie Charity Foundation

  • WWF Russia

  • Second Breath

  • Rusfond


At a touch of a button, Tinkoff customers can start transferring donations to their chosen charity and using their cashback to help people in need. The cashback will be automatically transferred to a charity of their choice on a monthly basis and  customers will get a notification for every transaction. There is also an option to change the charity to which you donate every month.


Customers can get involved in this new programme by using the Tinkoff mobile app, available on iOS. The function will be available on Android devices from September. To transfer your cashback to a charity, all you need to do is:

  1. Head over to the Home page of our mobile app, open your Tinkoff Black account (dependant on which card you have) and click on Menu.

  2. Click on Settings (the cog icon in top right-hand corner).

  3. Under ‘Where to send cashback’, click on ‘Charity’

  4. Pick a charity from the list.

  5. Sit back and relax, as your cashback goes to a good cause every month.


If you have trouble finding this option to transfer your cashback to charity, please make sure you have the latest version of our app. You can update it here: App Store.


With purchases made using the Tinkoff Black Debit Card and several other cards, you can get cashback bonusesto  use to pay for goods and services. With the Rouble Debit Card you can get 1% cashback for every RUB 100 spent, up to 15% for purchases made within your favourite categories and up to 30% for purchases made at our partner businesses. Using our debit cards, you can get cashback of up to RUB 3,000.


At Tinkoff you can also use our cashback programme Tinkoff Target to get special offers. The programme lets retailers keep track of consumer behaviour and make special cashback offers to those customers, who are interested in particular products and services and have spent money on them before. With Tinkoff Target special offers, you can get up to RUB 6 000 back every month. Using both of these schemes, Tinkoff customers can get as much as RUB 9 000 back every month.


You can find out more about our Tinkoff's cashback bonuses here.


Chairman of Tinkoff Bank’s Management Board Oliver Hughes commented:


Cashback to Give Back is the latest in a number of steps we have taken to help further the work of charities. The first step saw us give our clients the opportunity to make donations directly via our SuperApp. As a result, the number of contributions Tinkoff customers made to charity doubled over the course of one year.


This new function now lets people automate their donations. With just one click, you send cashback to your chosen charity, and from then on, all donations will be made automatically every month. In just one month, the amount donated by one client can total several thousand roubles. Experience has shown that small but regular donations make all the difference. They add up, improving the lives of  those in need.


Together with our partner charities, we hope that Cashback to Give Back will help foster a culture of charitable giving in Russia. Our goal is to make giving to charity something routine for each and every one of us. We want to lift any barriers and make helping others much easier for everyone.”

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